Schools & Youth Clubs

Looking to organise a group activity that`s exciting & challenging? Then the adventure activities here at Rope Race can offer a fantastic alternative to conventional sports as well as working to fulfil some of the National Curriculum requirements.

Rope Race has worked with school, colleges and youth groups for many years and can provide a wide range of activities to capture students interest as well as aiming to motivate, build responsibility and communication and well as developing problem-solving and team building.
We can offer one off sessions or block booking over several weeks where we aim for students to work toward the NICAS scheme or our Green Card Award.
All activities here at Rope Race are suitable for all ages, abilities and level of fitness and include rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, indoor archery, team-building and raft building.
These can be used as:
  • Taster sessions in all activities
  • Multi activity full or half days
  • NICAS level 1-5
  • GCSE - Adventurous activities
  • BTEC - Outdoor and adventurous activities
  • P.E classes to encourage sports and fitness
  • Extra-Curricular climbing sessions
All sessions are run by friendly, professional and experienced instructors who will encourage your group to reach their full potential.

Rope Race is a Primary & Awarding centre for all 5 level of the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme. The NICAS award has been recognised by many Examination Boards.

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